15 benefits of online invoicing

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In today’s competitive market place, freelancers and small businesses need to find an efficient way to generate invoices and keep track of their companies’ financial information. These are a few important advantages for you to bill clients online:

New dashboard widgets and CSV exports

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We got some feeback from our users about a lack of understanding on the waiting amounts on the following two widgets:

  • Invoices overview
  • Estimates overview

Because these two widgets react with the selected date range, the waiting amounts were calculated for a specific period of time. We think that was not the best way to show you waiting amounts and that’s why we moved these on a new dedicated widget that doesn’t react to the selected date range.

Release of our template editor

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Today, we are proud to announce that our template editor is online. Here at Direct Invoice we think you don’t have to send documents to your clients that doesn’t reflect your company branding.

That’s why we worked very hard to provide a beautiful and convenient way to customize you own document templates. We wrote a full documentation about it.

Official launch!

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Here we go!

Today is a big day for Direct Invoice. After almost one year of hard work, we can now officialy release our online invoicing application to the world. I’m very proud of the team at Dandy Coding who did an amazing job to build the application with the latest web technologies available (this will be part of a dedicated blog post).

New feature: recurring invoices

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Today, we are excited to unveil a new feature waited by all of you, recurring invoices !

Recurring invoices allows you to create what we call here recurring templates. A recurring template is a pre-etablished invoice, with an associated recurring rule and a number of occurrences you whish the rule to apply.

Once the recurring template is created, you can run or pause it at any time ! Invoices will be created at 4 am the day your recurring rule must be executed, and we will inform you by email.

Recurring rule


Launch of Direct Invoice's beta, 2 weeks after

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Hi everybody,

First of all, welcome on our brand new blog !

It’s been 2 weeks already that we launched Direct Invoice’s beta. What a great time for our team !
We have spent the last months building the best online invoicing application we could.

During the day of launch, Direct Invoice hit the 1st page of HackerNews for 1 hour and we got a lot of visitors from all around the world. As you can see on the map below, we reached 79 countries in the world. Awesome start!

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