Filling the gap between invoicing and accounting with Direct Invoice & ComptaManager

Filling the gap between invoicing and accounting with Direct Invoice & ComptaManager

As a freelancer or small company owner, no doubt you make your invoices yourself. But what about your accounting? It’s pretty rare for entrepreneurs like you to be in charge of all the accounting work. Instead, you probably send all your invoices to your accountant each quarter.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could send your invoices to your accountant in just one click directly from your invoicing application?

You know what? This is now possible thanks to our new partner: ComptaManager.

About ComptaManager

ComptaManager is a product created by a young Belgian company. The product is currently used by Comptaline, an accounting firm based in Brussels, Belgium.

How to send your invoices from Direct Invoice to ComptaManager?

It’s simple. Once we’ve added the ComptaManager add-on to your account, you’ll see two majors changes in the interface:

  • A new column in the invoices list to know if a document has already been sent to ComptaManager.
  • A new action (“Send to ComptaManager”) in the actions menu at the bottom of the invoices list.

Now, sending your invoices is simple: select which invoices you want to send, then select the “Send to ComptaManager” action!

Make the most of this integration by receiving payment notifications!

Because ComptaManager has direct access to your bank account statements, we let them directly mark your invoices as paid. Now that’s a real time saver!

In order to make it all work by itself, you only need to add a structured communication on your invoices and ask your clients to mention this communication with their payment. Don’t worry, we will automatically generate these structured communications for you!

To activate this feature in your account, you have two possibilities:

  • Update your invoice template to insert the variable \{\{ document.structured_communication \}\} .
  • Or insert the variable \{\{ document.structured_communication \}\} either in your default invoice top text or bottom text.

And that’s all it takes! Now you can just relax and let us do the work: your invoices will be marked as paid automatically, and we will send you notifications to let you know.

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