Incoming emails with Ruby on Rails


You might have found yourself asking yourself:

“How does Direct Invoice transform what I’m responding to this email into a fine looking comment?”

The answer is simple.

As every good Ruby on Rails programmer, we have searched for a gem. This gem was everything we needed to perform what we were looking for. It’s name is Griddler.

Filling the gap between invoicing and accounting with Direct Invoice & ComptaManager

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As a freelancer or small company owner, no doubt you make your invoices yourself. But what about your accounting? It’s pretty rare for entrepreneurs like you to be in charge of all the accounting work. Instead, you probably send all your invoices to your accountant each quarter.

New notification system

CategoryDirect Invoice

We are really happy to announce our brand new notification system!

Get the last relevant information directly from the Direct Invoice interface.

Launch of Direct Invoice API

CategoryDirect Invoice

We know you were waiting for it, and today we are proud to announce that our official API is online !

Automatic invoice reminders available

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Some days ago, we deployed a great new feature on Direct Invoice: Automatic invoice reminders!

As always we thought a lot about the best way to manage this in an invoicing application. Here is how we did it:

Share your invoices on social networks and ask your friends to help you pay

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Today we are really happy to release a great new feature.

Clients who receive invoices from Direct Invoice can now share these invoices on social networks! We currently support Facebook and Twitter and we plan to add more social networks in the future.

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