New feature: recurring invoices

New feature: recurring invoices

Today, we are excited to unveil a new feature waited by all of you, recurring invoices !

Recurring invoices allows you to create what we call here recurring templates. A recurring template is a pre-etablished invoice, with an associated recurring rule and a number of occurrences you whish the rule to apply.

Once the recurring template is created, you can run or pause it at any time ! Invoices will be created at 4 am the day your recurring rule must be executed, and we will inform you by email.

Recurring rule


Introducing Direct Invoice’s recurring rules selector !

Most of other invoicing applications allow you to just make the following recurring rules:

  • every day
  • every week
  • every month
  • every year

We wanted to provide a better and more flexible solution.

With our recurring rules selector, you can build almost any rules you want.

Try it now in your Direct Invoice’s account !

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