New dashboard widgets and CSV exports

New dashboard widgets and CSV exports

We got some feeback from our users about a lack of understanding on the waiting amounts on the following two widgets:

  • Invoices overview
  • Estimates overview

Because these two widgets react with the selected date range, the waiting amounts were calculated for a specific period of time. We think that was not the best way to show you waiting amounts and that’s why we moved these on a new dedicated widget that doesn’t react to the selected date range.

The new waiting amounts widget

Waiting amounts

This widget shows you the exact amount of money your clients owe you. It also shows the amount corresponding to estimates with no responses from clients.

The new invoices overview graph (keep an eye on your incomes)

Waiting amounts

First graphical widget on Direct Invoice, it gives your a clear overview of amount you invoiced vs amount paid by your clients. Close curves is better! If the gap between curves grows too much it’s time to remind some clients to pay you ;-)

CSV Exports

CSV exports

We added the possibility to export all your data. Below each table you’ll find a link to export all the results in CSV. You could also select specific results and use the multiple actions section to export only these results.

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