Automatic invoice reminders available

Automatic invoice reminders available

Some days ago, we deployed a great new feature on Direct Invoice: Automatic invoice reminders!

As always we thought a lot about the best way to manage this in an invoicing application. Here is how we did it:

In your account’s parameters, we let you define a custom schedule of reminders.

All you have to do is to create reminders and give them a description, a number of days after due date and texts for email subject and content.

When this is done, you can decide if you want to activate automatic reminders for specific invoices, directly on the invoice page or when you send the invoice. When one of your reminders matches one of your outstanding invoices, we will sent it to your client and we will also notify you by email.

On the invoice page

Automatic reminder switch

On the sending page

Activate automatic reminders

If you prefer to manually send reminders, go on an invoice page (who has been already sent once) and select “Send a reminder”.

Manually send reminders

Manually send reminders

You will arrive on the sending page where you will be able to easily select one of your predefined reminders templates.

Reminders templates selection

Manual reminder

We hope you will like this new feature as much as we do.

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